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#SelfStarterStories: From running a nursing and residential home to founding an online marketplace

This week's #selfstarterstory features Nik Seth, Founder of Holm Care.

Holm Care is a new kind of home care service helping connect you directly to skilled elderly care workers in the Manchester area. They are not a care agency and don’t charge like an agency would. Holm Care makes finding care workers so much easier.

#PickYourselfUK caught up with Nik to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey.

What was your last job?: I used to run a 60-bed specialist dementia home in Sheffield

When did you choose to PICK YOURSELF instead of waiting to be chosen by someone else?: A friend told me today about this great opportunity to promote the business. We're changing the way care is provided for the elderly, and want people to know!

 The Startup Playbook

What was the most challenging part of starting a business?: I've never run a startup before or worked in a tech company. Now I have a tech startup and lead a team of developers, designers and marketers!

What is your favourite business book and why?: Not strictly a book but the Startup Playbook by Sam Altman - It gives some clear, simple advice to avoid making stupid mistakes.

Do you do everything yourself? What do you outsource?: I'm a solo founder, but lead a team of freelance developers, designers and marketers to help me.

What is your favourite marketing tool ?: Facebook

How do you market your business?: Through social media, flyers, hospital advertising, word of mouth and google ads.

When you first launched, how did you get your first paying customers?: They found us on Google and called. Even though we're an online business, they wanted to speak to someone and know that we know we're experts at what we do.

Holm Care Website - May 2018

Holm Care Website - May 2018

How did you get your first traffic to your website?: Facebook and google ads.

Nominate one person/friend who believed in you from the start, and what would you like to say to them today?: Mari - my partner. Thank you for all the support you've given me. And sorry for having my head buried in the business!

What would you say to someone who is toying with the idea to start a business but haven't yet?: Go for it! It's really hard, but if it wasn't, then everyone would do it right? There are ups and downs, but the key thing is to first of all test if your idea is a good one. Don't ask friends or family, they're normally too nice. Try it on complete strangers, ideally people who your business would target. If the idea holds water, then be prepared for the rollercoaster ride. It's addictive!

If you could have dinner with one entrepreneur, who would it be and why?: Jeff Bezos. Understanding what took him from a garage selling books, to where Amazon is now, and where it looks to be.

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