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#SelfStarterStories: From goldsmith to jewellery designer

This week's #selfstarterstory features Roseanna Croft, Founder of Roseanna Croft Jewellery.

#PickYourselfUK caught up with Roseanna to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.

What was your last job?: My last job was as a goldsmith for a fine jewelry boutique in Brisbane, Australia.

When did you choose to PICK YOURSELF instead of waiting to be chosen by someone else?: I chose to begin my business to start designing my life the way I want it. When I moved back to England from Queensland, I was tossing up between taking a job as a goldsmith in a high-end jewelry boutique or starting out on my own. In the end, I decided to take the plunge! 

The main reason I decided to take the plunge I think is definitely because I could sense freedom would come with it, as well as excitement. While it isn’t always easy, it is definitely exciting!

What was the most challenging part of starting a business?: When you don't have financial backing I think cash flow is a huge struggle. Also knowing which decision is the right one to make but ultimately it's about following your gut.

Roseanna Croft Jewelery Website August 2018

Roseanna Croft Jewelery Website August 2018

What is your favourite business book and why?: My favourite business book is Start With Why, by Simon Sinek because it inspired me to look deeper into why I wanted to go down this path and to share it with my community.

Do you do everything yourself? What do you outsource?: Currently, I do everything myself apart from my TAX return! I'm the designer, the goldsmith, the PR lady and the saleswoman. In the very near future though I'll be looking to outsource more tasks such as marketing and PR.

What is your favourite marketing tool ?: Networking and meeting people. While social media is great for cheap, visual advertising, nothing beats meeting your potential clients face to face.

How do you market your business?: I market my business through my own boutique; through social media; advertising in local luxury magazines; PR; networking.

When you first launched, how did you get your first paying customers?: I was lucky enough to have a boutique so my first paying clients actually found me! But also social media (Facebook mainly) was a huge help for me.

How did you get your first traffic to your website?: Through consistent social media and great SEO.

Nominate one person/friend who believed in you from the start, and what would you like to say to them today?: My mum! Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to follow my heart - no matter whether I succeed or fail.

What would you say to someone who is toying with the idea to start a business but haven't yet?: Do it. Just follow your gut and go for it. Believe in yourself 100% and if you don't, read other peoples stories and see we all have to start somewhere!

If you could have dinner with one entrepreneur, who would it be and why?: Richard Branson because what he has built and how it has built his empire is so inspirational. I have so many questions for him!

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