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#SelfStarterStories: From being a nursery worker to becoming a business coach

This week's #selfstarterstory features Jane Baker, Founder of Pink Dolphin Companies.

PickYourselfUK caught up with Jane to find out more about her entrepreneurial journey.

What was your last job?:

The last job I had was working in a nursery

When did you choose to PICK YOURSELF instead of waiting to be chosen by someone else?: 

I guess for a couple of reasons the first being that I was a terrible employee so it was never really going to work out. I knew deep-down that I could do better and I had this drive and ambition that I knew couldn't be matched in any traditional job.

What was the most challenging part of starting a business?: Getting that first sale was definitely the most challenging part

Do you do everything yourself? What do you outsource?: 

No I don't do everything myself I learnt a long time ago that trying to do everything yourself was a recipe for disaster. Now I have a whole team that support me but the very first thing I outsourced was basic admin work.

What is your favourite marketing tool ?: 

Social media because it's ridiculously accessible and can literally be used by everyone

How do you market your business?: 

I've got various marketing strategies social media plays a big part in the marketing of my business, we do use ads for our automated sales funnels. Essentially our marketing is very simple, we utilise email and social media.

When you first launched, how did you get your first paying customers?: 

I sent a lot of emails! Now it seems crazy to say it but to get my first paying client I was just cold pitching via email every single day.

How did you get your first traffic to your website?: 

I collaborated with another website and that resulted in the first traffic being sent to my website

Nominate one person/friend who believed in you from the start, and what would you like to say to them today?: 

My husband, even when I didn't have a clue what I was doing and when my goals sounded crazy you were there and supported me even now that I'm pushing ever higher you're still there supportive as ever. Thank you for being you and being part of the journey that's got us here.

What would you say to someone who is toying with the idea to start a business but haven't yet?: 

Just go for it, you get one life and you should always live it to the full. Don't waste time worrying or wondering, just jump in and have a ton of fun!

If you could have dinner with one entrepreneur, who would it be and why?: 

Gary Vaynerchuck simply because he's awesome!

Jane Baker Website October 2018

Jane Baker Website October 2018

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